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Porn Stars in Muslim Sex Porn

Here is a set of pictures where famous pornstars act in nasty muslim sex videos. When it comes to porn, it is not so easy to find a muslim actress. Some pornstars like to act in muslim sex video. Though these girls are not really muslim, they pretend very good to be musli girl. These photos shows religious muslim girls indulging in very shameful act in the eyes of Islam.

هنا مجموعة من الصور الشهيرة حيث تعمل في نجوم البورنو سيئة الجنس وأشرطة الفيديو مسلم. عندما يتعلق الأمر الاباحية، فإنه ليس من السهل العثور على الممثلة مسلم. بعض نجوم البورنو ترغب في العمل في الجنس الفيديو مسلم. ورغم أن هذه الفتاة ليست مسلمة حقا، يدعون جيدة جدا لتكون فتاة الموصلي. هذه الصور تظهر فتيات مسلمات الدينية الانغماس في عمل مشين جدا في نظر الإسلام.

  यहाँ चित्रों जहां प्रसिद्ध pornstars बुरा मुस्लिम सेक्स वीडियो में अभिनय का एक सेट है. जब यह अश्लील आता है, यह इतना आसान करने के लिए एक मुस्लिम अभिनेत्री को नहीं मिल रहा है. कुछ pornstars मुस्लिम सेक्स वीडियो में अभिनय पसंद है. हालांकि इन लड़कियों को वास्तव में मुस्लिम नहीं हैं, वे बहुत अच्छा नाटक करने के लिए मूसली लड़की हो. इन तस्वीरों धार्मिक मुस्लिम इस्लाम की आँखों में बहुत शर्मनाक कृत्य में लिप्त लड़कियों से पता चलता है.

A sexy religious muslim girl, Just after praying: performing Namaz. She is still standing on her prayer mat.

Does all religious sexy muslim girls read quran in this fashion?

This sexy muslim girl is cumming on quran...religious book if Islam

She is supposed to pray now, but her unfulfilled sexual urge is disturbing this religious sexy muslimah

Ohh I am too sexy for Islam...

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Helpless Arab Muslim Virgin girls getting fucked by Hindu Man Part-1

I'm Mahin.I'm from Bangladesh.I'm a hindu guy. I live in Saudi Arabia now, I work as an engineer here. It is a bit difficult to live here in a muslim dominant country being a hindu. As time went on, I understood the Saudi Society well. While working as an Engineer, I got introduced with many peoples. Ali Ahmad was one of them.He was a poor man.

First, let me tell about something about Saudi Society. In Saudi Arab, the rich people are so much rich and poor people are so much poor.Rich people owns the oil fields and almost everything in there. But the poor people owns almost nothing, they don't even have own houses. They usually depends on the mercy of Oil Sheikhs and are the servants of the sheikhs.

Then let me tell about the marriage system of the Saudi Society. All it takes for a man to marry a women is money, only money. Islam allows a person to have four wives, but believe me, every Oil Sheikhs have at least 10 wives and many of them have more than one hundred in their Harem. They also have many concubines, who also stay in their Harem.How do they manage so many wives and concubines? the answer is only money.If you want to marry a girl here, you've to pay a handsome amount of money to her father. A girls father never worries about the social status or education level or age of the man who wants to marry her daughter. He only cares about money. Even a 70 year old man can marry a 10 year old girl if he pays enough money to her father.

But me being a hindu guy, it was tough for me to get a women here in Saudi Arab. But it was my whole life dream to have a muslim hijabi women as my wife, aka my sex slave. As it is not possible here in Saudi Arab to have sex with women without marrying her, so I decided to marry a muslim girl by spending some money. As I am a single guy and I don't have to support my family back in my country, after spending 5 years as an engineer, I have enough money to marry(read buy) a local girl. So I contacted with a local man AAli Ahmad, who has 3 daughters, the eldest being only 23 and the youngest one is only 13. I met Ahmad when I was project engineer at a construction project here. Ahmad was a very poor man and he could barely manage foods for his family, so he decided to sell one of his daughter to a rich man(they call it marriage). I told Ahmad that I was a muslim man and I have enough money to marry his daughter. Name of his eldest daughter was Ayesha. The name made me excited, since one of muslim's profet Mohammad's wives name was Ayesha. I told Abdul that I would marry Ayesha. Ahmad demanded $50,000 as dowry. That was not a problem at all since I have enough money. So I decided to marry muslim girl Ayesha by spending only $50,000.
Ahmad told me that her daughter is a genuine virgin, she prays salat 5times a day, she reads quran 1 hour daily, and she maintains purdah strictly, she even wear hijab at home. Only her husband would be able to see her face. All of the descriptions made me excited, since I dreamt of fucking a very religious hijabi muslim tight ass virgin. So we made a date and I married Ayesha following strict muslim rules. We were married according to muslim law, she is my wife and she has her heaven beneath my feet. In Saudi Arabia, it is expected that your wife will be a virgin. So at the first night of marriage, they provide the married couple with white bed sheet, and it is expected that the white bed sheet will be found red in the morning as the blood from the virgin wife's hymen will be on the sheet. If the bed sheet is not found red, it is assumed that the wife was not virgin and that brings shame on the family of the bride.

So the night came when Ayesha became my wife. She was sitting on a white bed, in white dress and her skin color was fair, so it was white all over. Seeing her, my penis became very at the very thought of fucking her like a slave. I looked at her face. Shyness was written over all of her face. No man other than her Father have ever seen her face, and none shall other than me. I approached at small steps towards my virgin muslim sex slave.
She was so shy that she could barely look at me. She looked down at the bed. She was as beautiful as a fairy would be. 5'5" tall, fair complexion, skin soft like butter, large breast which would be 36 in size. There was no hint of extra fat at her waist. I sat on the bed. I looked at my shy muslim slave for a minute. Then I started talking to her.
Me: Ayesha.
Ayesha: Quiet.
Me: Talk to me bitch...Ayeshaaa..(Loudly)
Ayesha: Yes my husband.
Me: Look at me.
Ayesha: Yes my husband.
Me: Forget about the husband thing. I'm your owner. I'm your lord. Address me as my lord.
Ayesha: No my husband, I can't address you like that. In Islam, Allah is the only lord. I can't address you as lord.
*SLAP* "I don't give a shit to what your religion says. You'll do as I command". I slapped as hard as I could and uttered these words into her soft, sexy ears.
Ayesha: Please don't do this to me my husband. As a muslim, I'm not allowed to do that.
Me: (Slapping again hardly) I'm saying again, I don't give a shit to what you're allowed to do. You'll do as I command. I slapped her again 5-6 times.
She started crying. That even made her look more sexier to me. An innocent helpless religious muslim virgin. Wondering what went wrong, as a muslim man should never command or say something like that.
Me: You know what Ayesha my darling? I'm not a muslim. I'm a hindu. And I am your lord. I bought you with 50k. You'll do as I command.
Ayesha: YA ALLAH!!!!! My father sold me to a hindu !!!! Ya allah, save me from this kaffir.....(Crying and shouting) YA ALLAH...SAVE ME...
Me: (Slapping her about 50 times) Nobody will save you from me bitch. I'll do whatever I want with you. Now open your dress. I'll fuck your virgin muslim pussy with my strong uncut black hindu dick.
But she wasn't getting naked. So I slapped her again and again. She was crying like a maniac, and shouting "Ya Allah, Save from the kaffir". Then I tore apart her clothes one by one. .......There she was, my precious muslim beauty........Like I said, she was as beautiful as a fairy, her skin were fair and soft like butter.
I started to suck her face. I hold her with my strong hand. Helpless muslimah Ayesha was trying to get past me. But the helpless muslimah had very less energy in her body left after I slapped her heavily with my strong hindu hand. Gradually she became weak, and helpless. She was crying though, in a decaying voice. Trust me, nothing can be sexier than a helpless muslimah naked and crying. My cock became hard like a cast iron rod. She did'nt notice that. In fact she kept her eyes closed the whole period when I was sucking her whole body, and crying. She was praying to her god.
After I finished sucking her whole body, I released her from my hands. She fell on the floor, crying, naked and beautiful Muslimah.
Me: Look at me ayeshah. Look what awaits you. I pointed my finger towards my uncut hindu dick.
But all my talking went to vain. She wasn't listening, she wasn't watching. Then I hold her again. I took the rope bellow the bed, and bound her both hands with the bed stand, with her ass exposed to the air. Then I took a cane I brought with me. I knew it would be necessary. I made around 10 giant strokes with the cane. She shivered like it was a massive earthquake every time I made a stroke, and begged to Allah to save her. I was estranged by her mental strength. Then I took preparation to make the 11th stroke. Then suddenly, she said "Please stop". Why should I stop? I made 5 more strokes. Now blood was flowing out of her ass. It was then, she surrendered. She said, "Please forgive me my lord". Then I stopped caning. But I didn't open the bond. Instead I fucked her in the ass while she was bound to the bed stand. hindu cock was inside a religious helpless muslimah. It felt so good, that I was about to cum. But I took it out, in fact it did'nt enter to it's full length as her ass was very tight. Then I gained all my strength gave my uncut 10 inches hindu dick a giant push into her ass. ......She cried like a baby, as loudly as she can. She has never experienced like that. She cried "Ohh...Allah...". I made 5 more giant strokes and asked, what did you say? She said "Forgive me my lord....please spare me..". I said, not like this, say "Forgive me my hindu lord". She said it. Then I said, yes I will spare you my muslim slave, but after I make 50 more strokes. She was as if she would faint. But she didn't. I made some 30 strokes and I realized it was time for me to cum. I said, "your hindu lord has spared for this time muslim slave. Now bend over, take his gift to you"

She bent over. This is the first time she actually saw a cock. She asked me "Forgive me my hindu lord". Then I said, do you recognize what this is slave? She nodded as no. Then I said, "This is cock. A giant hindu cock. This is way better than your whole muslim nation. I have fucked your muslimah with this. Now thank me for this, because you would never see anything like this if you married a muslim man"
Ayesha: "No, muslim men have stronger cock than you hindu men"
So I slapped her in the face 10 times. She yielded after the 10th slap. She said then "Ohh my hindu lord, you have stronger cock than entire muslim nation. Please give me your cum to me"
And then I placed my hindu cock inside her muslimah face. She resisted weakly, but I hold her head covered by my both hands. She was gagged by my strong hindu cock. Her face was so soft, so worm. I got excited by the very idea of breaking the taboo, putting hindu cock inside the face of a muslim girl. It was hard for me to hold on my cum over for a long time, I unloaded my hindu cum inside her mouth after some 10 strokes. She tried to spit out the cum. But I hold her face mouth wide open and forced her to swallow my hindu cum to the very last drop.
Then I asked her to say something. She said
"Thank you my hindu lord for fucking me in the ass and giving me the opportunity to eat your hindu cum. I am blessed."

That's it for now. Next part of this story will come soon if I get good response from you.

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Hot photos of Arab Hijabi Muslim Ladies

Some hot photos of Arab Hijabi Muslim Ladies
بعض الصور الساخنة من العرب مسلم السيدات الحجاب
 আরব হিজাবি মুসলমান মাগীদের নেংটা ছবি

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Nude photos of arab muslim hijabi girl صور عارية فتاة عربية مسلمة حجابية

Here are some photos of a religious hijabi arab muslim girl getting naked. She is so lovely and pretty, she is very hot too. She is expressing her immense sex potential which is oppressed. Muslim Mullah's fear their women's sex potential, and they oppress their women by forcing hijab or burka on them. But this arab muslim girls are pretty much willing to express their sexuality.

وهنا بعض الصور لفتاة مسلمة حجابية الدينية العربية الحصول على المجردة. انها جميلة جدا وجميلة، وقالت انها حار جدا جدا. انها تعبير عن إمكانياتها الهائلة الجنس الذي هو المظلوم. الملا مسلم في الخوف المحتملة نسائهم والجنس، وأنها تضطهد المرأة من خلال فرض ارتداء الحجاب أو البرقع عليها. ولكن هذا الفتيات العربيات مسلمات هي جميلة كثيرا على استعداد للتعبير عن حياتهم الجنسية.

यहाँ एक धार्मिक अरब मुस्लिम हिजाब पहने नग्न हो रही लड़की की कुछ तस्वीरें हैं. वह बहुत प्यारा है और सुंदर है, वह भी बहुत गर्म है. वह अपने विशाल सेक्स क्षमता है जो दीन है व्यक्त कर रहा है. मुस्लिम मुल्ला डर उनके महिलाओं की सेक्स क्षमता है, और वे उन पर हिजाब या burka मजबूर द्वारा उनके महिलाओं अन्धेर. लेकिन यह अरब मुस्लिम लड़कियों को बहुत ज्यादा अपनी कामुकता व्यक्त करने के लिए तैयार कर रहे हैं.

یہاں ایک مذہبی عرب مسلم لڑکی پہننے حجاب ننگے ہو رہی ہے کی کچھ تصاویر ہیں. وہ بہت پیارا ہے اور کافی ہے، وہ بھی بہت گرم ہے. وہ اس کی بہت زیادہ جنسی صلاحیت ہے جو کہ مظلوم ہے کا اظہار کر رہا ہے.مسلمان ملا ان خواتین کی جنسی صلاحیت سے ڈرتے ہیں، اور وہ ان پر حجاب کو مجبور کر کے کی طرف سے ان کی عورتوں کو ظلم. لیکن یہ عرب مسلم لڑکیاں بہت زیادہ ان کی جنسی اظہار کرنے کے لئے تیار ہیں. 

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Hot Sexy Arab Muslim Girls kissing مثير العربية الساخنة بنات مسلم التقبيل

Hot and sexy Arab muslim girls love lesbian sex too much, because they are prohibited from having sex with men. Here are some photos of beautiful and hot, sexy arab muslim girls kissing.
ساخن ومثير بنات مسلمات العربية مثليه الجنس الحب كثيرا، لأنه يتم منعهم من ممارسة الجنس مع الرجال. وهنا بعض الصور من أجمل والساخنة، ومثير للفتيات مسلمات العربية التقبيل.
 हॉट और सेक्सी अरब मुस्लिम लड़कियों समलैंगिक यौन संबंध बहुत ज्यादा प्यार करता हूँ, क्योंकि वे पुरुषों के साथ यौन संबंध रखने से मना कर रहे हैं. यहाँ सुंदर और गर्म, सेक्सी अरब मुस्लिम चुंबन लड़कियों की कुछ तस्वीरें हैं.
گرم، شہوت انگیز اور سیکسی عرب مسلمان لڑکیوں سملینگک جنسی تعلقات سے بہت زیادہ محبت کرتا ہوں، کیونکہ وہ مردوں کے ساتھ جنسی تعلق سے ممنوع قرار دیا گیا ہے. یہ خوبصورت اور گرم، تلاش عرب مسلمان بوسہ لينا لڑکیوں کی کچھ تصاویر ہیں.